What Happens When You Get a Second DUI in Colorado?

Fri May 11th , by , on DUI Case Studies |

With harsher criminal penalties and administrative consequences, it is critical to avoid a second DUI. Having a second DUI can result in a permanent criminal record and driving record at the DMV. Penalties for a First DUI in Colorado Wondering what happens when you get a second DUI in Colorado? […]

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Theft Laws and Penalties in Colorado: Q&A Guide

Fri May 4th , by , on DUI Case Studies |

In Colorado, theft is defined as taking and keeping something that isn’t yours without obtaining permission from the rightful owner. But theft can extend beyond this definition to include people who may not have actually stolen the item but provide aid to the person who did. A pawnbroker, who accepts […]

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Important Facts About Driving Under The Influence

Tue Apr 17th , by , on DUI Case Studies |

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is highly dangerous and comes with severe consequences. Of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States, motor vehicle accidents rank number four. A common cause of fatal accidents is driving under the influence. In spite of the obvious […]

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Second Degree Assault (Class 2) – What You Need to Know

Wed Mar 28th , by , on DUI Case Studies |

Whether you have been charged with second degree assault or know someone who has, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with all the facts surrounding this charge, and what it will mean for the person or people involved. Second degree assault is a criminal charge against a person who has […]

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Five Things You Need to Know About First Degree Assault (Class 1)

Sun Mar 4th , by , on DUI Case Studies |

Being charged with first degree assault is an extremely serious matter. Assault in the first degree is the most severe assault charge, carrying with it enormous fines and a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. If you have to fight this charge, there are five important things you need to know […]

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