Denver DUI Lawyer lists Important Factors When Evaluating a DUI Charge

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DUI Lawyer

The penalties for a DUI in Colorado are serious. For a first offense, you could face up to a year of jail time, a $1,000 in fines, 96 hours of community service, and up to two years of probation. However, your specific result depends on the nature of your case and how well your DUI attorney can defend you against the evidence presented by the prosecution.

There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating a DUI case. Factors that make the case more severe are referred to as “aggravating factors,” and make an attorney even more critical for your defense. Aggravating factors can include:

  • Having minors inside the vehicle at the time of DUI
  • Past DUI’s on the driver’s record
  • A high blood alcohol concentration
  • Causing an accident while under the influence
  • No license, or a suspended license at the time of the arrest

While these aggravating factors can increase the severity of the case, hiring a DUI attorney is strongly recommended for anyone charged with a DUI, whether or not their case is aggravated. This includes first-time offenders who do not have any additional aggravating factors in their case. Here are a few reasons why a DUI attorney is needed after a DUI charge.

  1. A DUI attorney is better equipped to defend against DUI’s than an attorney who is in general practice. 

A DUI attorney is specifically equipped to defend individuals who have received a DUI because they have devoted their legal career to this type of criminal defense. They can help you navigate the legal process, including the DMV hearing, the pre-trial conferences, negotiations with the prosecution, and in some cases, a trial. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney gives you a higher chance of receiving a more favorable outcome in your case.

Because DUI attorneys have significant experience in defending drunk driving cases, they also have a better sense of the sentencing that can be expected, depending on the nature of your case. This insight will guide how you decide to move forward. A general attorney or an attorney who specializes in another area of law will likely not have the same experience or insight that an experienced DUI defense attorney has. 

An experienced DUI defense attorney has defended clients enough to know the standard sentencing from the prosecutors and district attorneys in their courts. This means they’re better equipped to advise you of all potential scenarios once the prosecution offers a plea bargain. Additionally, because a DUI attorney’s chief job is to poke holes in the evidence presented against you, they know better than a generalized attorney what evidence can be contested.

  1. A defense attorney can negotiate on your behalf before a plea bargain is offered.

After several pre-trial conferences and negotiations, the prosecution will present a plea bargain. 

In a plea bargain, the sentencing’s ramifications are given to you as part of the bargain, so you know exactly what you’re getting into by pleading guilty or pleading “no contest.” These ramifications can include a certain span of jail time, a fine, and community service hours. 

It’s actually quite rare that a DUI case will proceed to a trial. So, the pre-trial conferences and negotiations for a plea bargain offer are critical. A DUI defense attorney will negotiate on your behalf with the prosecution to get you the most lenient offer possible.

  1. A DUI attorney lessens the chances of severe sentencing.

Ultimately, a DUI attorney with a strong background in defending DUI cases will help you end up with a lesser sentence than defending yourself. Because of their defenses and negotiations, the chance of receiving a better plea bargain is higher.

In short, a DUI attorney with a criminal defense background knows how to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients and is, therefore, a necessary investment. Although some individuals may wish to save the money after the charge in the face of fines and other financial troubles, hiring a good DUI attorney is an investment that will ultimately save you more money in the long run. They negotiate and argue for smaller fines, less or no jail time, and even potentially eliminate any driver’s license consequences through the DMV, keeping you employed and saving money on transportation.

The severity of a DUI ticket should not be taken lightly, and the first order of business after the arrest is to call a DUI Lawyer who can defend you and advocate for you. You deserve an attorney who can strategically defend you based on their years of experience. 

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