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Medical Marijuana Laws in Colorado

October 11, 2011 by  
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The state of Colorado legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, however use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law and many Colorado municipalities have restrictions ongrowing and selling medical marijuana.

These contrasts make Colorado medical marijuana laws and litigation a complex subject. Denver drug lawyer Nicolas M. Geman understands Colorado’s evolving medical marijuana laws and represents medical marijuana patients, caregivers and dispensaries who are unjustly accused of criminal activity.

The basic elements of Colorado medical marijuana law are clear, even if they do conflict with federal law. The current federal government policy is not to target medical marijuana patients, caregivers and dispensaries who conform to state laws.  However, federal drug laws regarding marijuana remain intact and federal policies change often.. The criminal defense firm of Nicolas M. Geman has extensive experience representing   clients in federal court case and navigating the areas where state and federal marijuana laws overlap.

Here are some essential facts regarding Colorado medical marijuana law:

  • Only state-licensed caregivers and dispensaries, and registered patients who have a Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card may possess medical marijuana
  • Only registered patients and state-licensed caregivers and dispensaries may grow medical marijuana
  • Registered patients and caregivers may not possess more than 2 ounces of marijuana or more than six marijuana plants, unless your doctor recommends a higher amount,of which no more than three may be mature
  • You must have your state-issued medical marijuana license and a state-issued ID  any time you purchase or possess medical marijuana

Colorado also has several regulations restricting where you can use medical marijuana. You may not use medical marijuana:

  • In public or in plain view of the public
  • In a way that endangers the health or well-being of others
  • While you are operating a motor vehicle

Because of the complicated federal, state and local laws in play with medical marijuana in Colorado, it’s best to consult with experienced Denver drug lawyer Nicolas M. Geman if you’re facing marijuana-related criminal charges.

If you’ve been charged with crimes relating to the illegal use, cultivation or distribution of medical marijuana, please contact Denver medical marijuana defense attorney Nicolas M. Geman.


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