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DUI Appeals

DUI & Criminal Defense in Denver and Boulder, Colorado

In Colorado, driving under the influence (DUI) arrests are followed by two cases, each with its own appeals process.

Denver DUI appeals lawyer Nicolas M. Geman understands the complex legal processes associated with Colorado drunk driving cases, and he has the experience to represent you from your arrest through any necessary appeals.

Administrative Hearing

One of the first steps you should take following a DUI arrest—after contacting a qualified DUI lawyer—is to request a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing to contest the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. If the DMV’s judgment is unfavorable, you can appeal the decision to a district court within 30 days.

If you do not fight to maintain your license at the DMV hearing, you will likely lose it. A qualified Denver DUI appeals attorney can represent you at your DMV hearing and use the information gathered at this stage to begin building a strong case against your criminal DUI charge.

Criminal Case

Separate from your DMV hearing, you will also face a criminal case. In addition to representing you as you face DUI charges, an experienced Denver DUI appeals defense lawyer will also protect the record for appeal.

You have the right to appeal to higher courts if you’re convicted of a DUI. But if evidence is admitted against you in your initial trial and not objected to, you will not be able to object to or refute the evidence in an appeal should you be convicted.

Appealing a DUI conviction may reduce your sentence or result in having your conviction overturned, but you need a knowledgeable Denver DUI appeals defense attorney who understands the process for DUI trials and appeals.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, please contact Denver DUI defense attorney Nicolas M. Geman.