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Police Investigation

DUI & Criminal Defense in Denver and Boulder, Colorado

If you’re under investigation by the police, anything you say can be used as evidence if you are officially charged with a crime. Any statement you make is a potential weapon for the prosecutor to use against you. Never make any statement to the police without an experienced attorney present. If you have committed no crime, you may think there is no harm in making statements, but this is a mistake many people make. Even innocent statements can be used out of context and have the potential to put you in jail whether you have committed a crime or not.

If you know or suspect you are under investigation by the police in Denver, Boulder, or elsewhere in Colorado, now is the time to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. The US Constitution explicitly protects you from self-incrimination, but it cannot protect you from statements you make willingly. Colorado criminal defense attorney Nicolas M. Geman knows how police work and how to protect your rights and prevent you from inadvertently giving evidence against yourself. Please call (303) 861-7200 or email the Law Offices of Nicolas M. Geman today to learn how to protect your rights and your freedom.

Don’t Say Anything at All

If you are contacted or stopped by police and asked to make a statement, you should consult with a lawyer. In any given situation, you may be tempted to proclaim your innocence or explain your side of the story, but even this can give police information they can use to charge you with a crime. You may think that police have to read you your Miranda rights before they begin taking evidence, but this is only required once they begin an official custodial interrogation–anything you say in response to police questions before arrest or voluntarily during and after arrest is fair game.

Police may make all kinds of threats and promises in an attempt to get you to talk, but remember that these are just talk and neither is likely to lead to anything. Promises of leniency are especially misleading. Any confession you give without your attorney present can only make things worse for you.

How an Attorney Can Help You

The main thing a lawyer brings to the table is knowledge of the law. This allows him to protect you from illegal search and seizure and self-incrimination. Your attorney can ensure you get the representation you are entitled to, the full due process guaranteed by law, and a speedy trial for any charges so that you can put the experience behind you.

Attorney Nicolas M. Geman can also serve as a buffer in any police investigation. Once police have been informed that you are being represented, they cannot try to harangue or ambush you to make you slip up and say something you will regret. They must contact our office and we will arrange for a meeting if necessary. We can also talk about you being allowed to surrender privately if there is a warrant for your arrest rather than being arrested in front of friends, family, or coworkers.

To learn how Nicolas M. Geman can protect your rights, please contact him today to schedule a consultation.