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Burglary, theft, and robbery are serious felony charges that can result in significant jail time if you are convicted. Burglary is also a crime with a habitual offender law, so if you have prior convictions, you could be facing additional jail time.

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What Are Burglary, Theft, and Robbery?

Burglary is defined as entering another person’s property unlawfully or remaining unlawfully on another person’s property with the intent to commit a crime other than trespassing. Theft is broadly defined as taking property from another person without consent. Robbery, on the other hand, is taking anything of value from a person using force, threats, or intimidation.

Burglary charges are more serious if committed while in possession of explosives or a deadly weapon, menacing another person during the course of the crime or flight from the scene, or breaking into a pharmacy or other location with the intent to steal a controlled substance.

Theft charges generally increase in severity with the amount and type of property taken.

Robbery charges increase in severity if they include possession of a deadly weapon with intent to use it, or threats or actual assault or a person during the robbery. Aggravated robbery can be charged on the suspicion that a person in the company of the accused had a deadly weapon at the time of the robbery.

Defend Your Rights, Defend Your Freedom

Often, charges of burglary, theft, or robbery depend on a number of shaky pieces of evidence. Criminal defense attorney Nicolas M. Geman knows how to identify and challenge illegal searches and may be able to help you assert your rights to protect yourself from criminal charges. He can force the prosecution to do its job the way the law intends, not by trampling all over your legal rights.

To learn more about how Nicolas M. Geman can defend you and your rights, please contact him today to schedule a consultation.

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