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Choosing the right defense attorney is a very personal decision. The attorney you choose could impact every aspect of your life. If you make the right decision, your chances of getting the outcome you want from your case are much higher. Here are some tips to help you decide on the right lawyer for you.

Hire a Firm that Does Only Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is a unique world and a different area of law. Apart from the law itself, the people involved in criminal cases are different from those involved in civil cases. You want to hire an attorney that not only knows the law, but knows the players and is known and respected by them.

An attorney who practices in other areas as well as criminal defense may not have the depth of knowledge necessary to successfully pursue your case. A personal injury lawyer who also does criminal defense may see your case as a tide-me-over until the next big paycheck injury case, and may get distracted if that case comes along before your case is finished.

Hire a Lawyer, Not a Name

A big name on the door does not necessarily mean a big name for your case. Even if you’re paying premium rates, it doesn’t mean you will get premium representation. In most big name law firms, much of the trial work is done by associates who may not meet you until the trial.

When you call to hire a law firm, ask to talk to the lawyer who will handle your case. If they can’t tell you who it will be and bring them to the phone, call a firm that will. When your case gets handed around a law firm, not only do you have less say in your case, but whoever handles the case will have less information.

Hire Someone Who Puts You in Control

In choosing your lawyer, make sure you select someone who listens to your goals for your case and is prepared to pursue those goals. You don’t want someone who has a single strategy they always follow. Your lawyer should be prepared to make the case go away as quickly and quietly as possible, if that’s what you want, or to fight your charges every step of the way.

In particular, you should look for a lawyer who is prepared, willing, and even eager to go to trial. Even if you just want to make a deal, you may not be able to get a favorable one. This means you need to be prepared to go to trial, just in case. And being prepared to go to trial actually makes it more likely you will get offered a favorable deal.

Call Geman Criminal Defense

The second you are arrested, the clock starts ticking. You need to get in touch with a lawyer right away, but we understand if you don’t feel comfortable hiring the only lawyer you talked to. Call other lawyers, but also call Geman Criminal Defense, and you will see that he is an aggressive, skilled, and knowledgeable lawyer dedicated to one cause: making sure you get the full measure of your rights, not the tiny portion that the police and district attorney want you to have.

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