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Top 10 Denver DUI Lawyer Nicolas M. Geman

Denver DUI Attorney With One Goal: Making Sure Whatever Happens Inside the Courtroom Doesn’t Affect Your Life Outside the Courtroom.

If you have been accused of a crime – any crime – you need a lawyer on your side who is aggressive, committed, and knowledgeable about the laws that are designed to protect you. Nicolas M. Geman is a Denver DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer who is fully prepared to fight for your rights. An experienced and dedicated attorney with a proven record of getting results, he was nominated in 2012 for Best Lawyers in America, in 2013 for SuperLawyers, was recently named one of Colorado’s Top 10 Under 40 and has received great reviews. Mr. Geman ensures that if you are accused of a crime, you can have access to the highest caliber representation from an attorney who will defend you, not judge you. If you need legal help, don’t wait: call (303) 861-7200 or email us now to set up your 100% free consultation.

How a Denver DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

The Law Office of Nicolas M. Geman focuses on several areas of criminal defense law. Our Denver DUI defense attorneys can help you with many different types of cases, including:

If you don’t see your case type listed, or don’t know what it’s called, please call us at (303) 861-7200 to learn how a Denver DUI defense attorney can help.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer in Denver

Denver DUI Attorney Nicolas M. Geman
On paper, the criminal law system is designed to protect your rights. In practice, the people who run the system – police, district attorneys, judges, and more – have a job to do, putting you behind bars as quickly and as easily as possible. To do this, they count on your relative ignorance and inexperience with the law to do their job for them. They will play on your natural instincts to do the right thing, they will deceive you, they will badger you, they will threaten you, all in an attempt to get you to give them the evidence they need to pursue their case without really having to work for it.

That’s why you need a DUI & criminal defense lawyer who knows the system and will force the authorities to prove their case themselves, who will protect you from missteps and exploit the mistakes that police frequently make because they are taking shortcuts to prove you guilty.

Why You Want DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicolas M. Geman

Denver criminal lawyer Nicolas Geman has experience working with the criminal defense system – he is known by police, judges, and district attorneys, and has earned their respect. He is young, energetic, and aggressive, but has more trial experience than many attorneys. He knows he can make a difference, but only if he fights as hard as possible for every case.

When Nicolas Geman worked at a larger firm, he noticed that although people hired the firm for the name of the attorney on the door, they never actually saw that attorney and Mr. Geman was the one who actually defended their case. He established his own firm so he could give you the attention you need and deserve to get the best possible outcome for your case.

To learn more about what makes Nicolas M. Geman the right Denver DUI Attorney for your case, please email us or call (303) 861-7200 today.